Are you willing to Shift your Mindset for Success?

Are you willing to shift your Mindset for success?

 Becoming successful and wealthy is primarily a result of mindset and attitude and you need to be willing to shift your Mindset for your own Success to happen.

Being willing to develop the right mindset is key to thinking like a millionaire. Unfortunately, few people are exposed to anything other than old school teaching.  As Robert Kiyosaki  reveals in his book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, the majority of us are taught to go to school, and get a secure job (hopefully one that will give you a pension), get married, buy a house, invest in RRSP’s or 401K’s, and pay off your mortgage as quickly as you can.  Rarely are we given the opportunity to develop our financial minds to their full potential.   

It is normal to follow the crowd and not question this path.  Understand that what already separates you from the average Jill or average Joe is that you are already light years ahead, just by searching for answers or solutions on the internet and on this site.   

How you think is your inner world, which in turn creates your outer world, your results.  Creating success and wealth is firstly an inner game played within your subconscious mind.  Some people are  programmed for success early in life, this can be from how they grew up, who their mentors were or even a life-changing event.   However, even those that have attained a level of success  including financial and happiness occasionally need to re-program themselves for even higher levels of success.   

The Law of Attraction teaches that only you can get what you want and this is done through getting control over your thoughts.  Self transformation requires deprogramming our mind of unhealthy and unconstructive thoughts and reprogramming it with positive thoughts.   

Here are a 9 steps you can take to help you with this concept:   

1)  Sit quietly, take a few big and deep breathes. Breath slowly, in and out.  Allow your mind to relax and then start to imagine yourself in a picture of what you want out of life.  Imagine how it looks, feels, smells, tastes, and sounds.  Take at least 2 or 3 minutes, longer if you want.  Really relax and imagine freely..   

2)  When you open your eyes, take a pen and paper and simply write without editing – what it is you visualized and how it felt. 3)  Take a new, blank piece of paper and a few colored pens and markers – and draw a picture of what you want.  Don’t worry that it is not artistic or beautiful looking, it is simply a reminder to you – of what you want and deserve.   

4)  Post that picture up where you can see it easily, ideally mulitple times a day – this could be in your office, on a bulletin board in your kitchen, on a mirror, your bathroom wall, or even the back of a cupboard somewhere that you regularly open.   

5)  Take the written description and carry it with you or lay it down on your pillow and read it each night before bed and again in the morning – remind yourself of your goal regularly.   

6)  Write down 10 steps that you will need to ACTIVELY take – to reach your goal.  If you need to, break down some of those action steps into smaller steps.   

7)  Commit to taking action – one small step at a time.  Focus on that one step until it is complete.  CELEBRATE the completion of each step (do a happy dance, enjoy a great cup of coffee, phone a supportive friend and share), it does not matter what you do, it does matter that you celebrate in some way.   

8)  Start the next step. follow the step in # 7, again and again and again – until your reach your goal.   

9)  Remember to focus on your goal and celebrate the steps along the way.  Do not give up.  The Law of Attraction will help you get there, but you need to do the work!   

Get outside your comfort zone and take action in other areas too.  Turn off the TV and the games on the computer.  Read relevant books, research blogs that help support where you want to grow.  Attend courses when you can.  Volunteer to work for somebody that already has what you want.  Be appreciative for each day and keep a positive mindset.   

To your Success, Norma

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3 Responses to “Are you willing to Shift your Mindset for Success?”

  • Elmo song:

    Lot of thanx. This info is very useful in everyday work & life.

  • I agree, I am living in Canada, and I looove your site and would love to see what you could do for us !!!

  • Becoming a millionaire takes time, commitment and energy to make it work. We must create a positive outlook and take action towards your target. You need to work hard for a common goal and your motive must be to develop. Goals must be set and the mind must be focused towards achieving the goal. Avoid any distractions and stayed focus.

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