How much is a Trillion Dollars?

Time to get your Mindset and a reality about debt and true dollar values.  

While I believe that some people have an idea about money and debt, I don’t think our politicians or the majority of people have any real clue what is happening today in our economy. 

Often I read that the U.S. Government is Trillions of Dollars in debt and printing more money every day.  In our heads, we understand that this is a lot of money, but since we have no visual or auditory concept of how much is a Trillion, it is very easy to not really think about what that really means; and to ignore what we hear. 

I think it is vitally important to put some perspective to what is happening, and then take personal responsibilty for our future, including taking control of our money.    

After reading the following analogies, I hope you will fully get the reality that there will be no government money for social programs, pension funds and even your personal RRSP’s or 401 Ks are in big trouble if we leave them in mutual funds, and in the control of someone else.  Reality – we will need to support ourselves in our later years.   So with this in mind, I share the following information.

According to Graham Summers, in a February 1st article titled “The Inflationary Holocaust Survival Guide”, he offered the following comment … “$ 1 trillion is a tough number to get your head around.”  He then offered the following visualization in his article.   The Washington Monument is approximately 800 feet in height and I have put in a photo to help you shift your mindset to what he is saying..


“Imagine you had a stack of $1,000 bills… $1 Million would be a stack eight inches high…..$1 Billion would be over 800 feet high… and $1 Trillion would be a stack 142 MILES high”.

If this example is still not enough to shake you up - continue reading..,

An auditory example was offered last year by Harvey Mackay, (an amazing presentor) that also stunned me into the reality of the debt that is occuring in the USA.  He asked how long did we think it would take to count to 1 Trillion, if we were to start counting numerically, 1, 2, 3, 4, and not stop until we reached a Trillion?

Many answers were offered from the participants; 8 months, 2 years, 10 years …. some one even offered the answer of 50 years.   I was concerned that I didn’t even have a clue on how much to guess, I had no relationship or mindset on that kind of number.

My context and mindset on money and numbers was totally blown away when the answer was given… 

A whopping 31,688 years…  

This is not a typo, it was Thirty One Thousand and Six Hundred and Eighty Eight years.   Just to count to 1 Trillion dollars.  How much time on this earth will it take to repay the debt that is accumulating, let alone get the economy back on target.

It’s time to get our own financial education and house in order, don’t you think? 

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