My positive mindset has helped me through Depression

It is rare that I would talk so openly about my health, let alone my mental health – but today is different. I spent the day as a volunteer, helping to set up for the Millionaire Mind Intensive event that changed my life exactly 3 years ago today.

Today I was back in the positive energy of like minded people, and I found the courage to write this blog. To my Peak Friends, I love you and I am so grateful to have you in my life!

A little history. Back in October of 2010, I had a “meltdown” of sorts. I had just left my workplace (I chose to work part time because I LOVE what I do), and was sitting in my car when I started to cry. And Cry. And Cry. And Cry. I had no idea why I was crying – I just could not stop. Bizarrely enough, I called my Doctor’s office, and the nurse advised me to go to the Emergency department of the nearest hosptial. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with severe depression.

So many things had been building up over the past months, that my mind could just not take it anymore. I have a fabulous husband and a great family – but external events had happened that put me into overload.  Since that diagnosis, I have done some counselling & been on many medications, but most of all, I opened my mind to the reality that this was not an emotional problem, but a physiological one.

I am fortunate and blessed that I had the resources to seek help, and started on medications to re-balance the chemicals in my brain – and slowly I have recovered. There were days when all I could do was cry, my sense of overwhelm was so high – that to even open a piece of mail was just too much.

With the support of my family, the doctors and friends, I am making it through to the bright side more and more frequently. Today – I did not cry at all!

While physiologically the disease of depression exists within me, I always felt that the education, training, courses and camps that I have taken through Peak Potentials, starting with the Millionaire Mind Intensive were what would really pull me through on the darkest of days.  Over the past three years I had developed an inner strength and confidence in who I am. So throughout my illness I felt strong and confident enough in my own mind that I KNEW that this would be temporary and that eventually I would be OK.   It may seem odd to you to say this, but thoughout these past few months, I still LOVED my life.  In my heart, I knew that this depression would not last, and innately I know that the pain I was in, would someday help me to serve someone else.  I LOVE my life.. even on the hardest of days!

Today – while volunteering, I reflected back on how far I have come over the last 5 months – and how lucky I was to have had the Peak Potential trainings and friendships in my life. For the next 3 days, I get to give back. I get to support the other volunteers in the room, I get to be of service to the people attending the Millionaire Mind Intensive and I am getting the opportunity to help change someone else’s life.

I really hope that no one in that room ever has to go through Depression, or the struggles with getting healthy from any illness, but I do know, that by the end of the weekend, I will have served many strangers – simply by being there and offering my heart and support to them over the weekend.

 Mindset is a funny thing. It can break you down, it can build you up, and it can be changed so quickly and easily with the right support and tools.  In 72 hours this weekend, the MMI participants will find their own way to their life that offers them choices. More in life, more money, more happiness, more fun and more of a human connection.

My wish for all of you who read this page is that you can also have that same experience. I encourage you to be the person you want to be. Be a volunteer. Perform a random act of kindess. Just be open to the experiences that are offered to you – and always try to come from a place of gratitude and service to others.

 Have an amazing weekend!

 Hugs and Heartfelt Wishes! Norma

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3 Responses to “My positive mindset has helped me through Depression”

  • Thanks for sharing Norma. Love your webpage and enjoyed seeing you in Edmonton, although there doesn’t seem to be enough time. I attended MMI Vancouver in June and encouraged a friend to attend with me. She was blown away. We are working on health and wellness together.

  • Great info. This subject is one that needs to be discussed more & awareness of it made known. thanks.

  • Great blog!! We never know what life is going to throw us. This gives us more reason to always be in charge of our lives as you were in attending MMI and learn to grow our mindset. Along with personal growth we also have to take care of our physical with proper nutrition and exercise. Keep smiling my friend!!!

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