3 Tips On How NOT To Create Wealth

 Is it possible to Think & Grow Rich?

Many people daydream about how to become a millionaire and wonder what it would be like to become wealthy. The reality is that day dreaming does not make you wealthy, but taking small steps consistently will take you to the path of Wealth.

 Tip # 1 – Don’t rely on a lottery ticket

This is the mindset of millions of people who will always remain poor. The reality is that if you focused on investing those dollars you have already spent on lottery tickets wisely, either in education about money or on an investment that would provide passive income over time – you wouldn’t need the lottery winnings AND if you ever did win, you could grow that money to even a larger amount quickly and without stress about losing it!

Tip # 2 – Don’t wait for a large inheritance from a relative.

That relative created their wealth by having the right mindset and by finding the right opportunities to make their money work for them. Relatives rarely leave money to anyone that does not understand how to create and grow wealth.  So if you are waiting on a relative to take pity on you to acquire your wealth, get off your butt and DO SOMETHING… 

If you have a good relationship talk to them and ask them to teach you about money.  Offer to work for them for Free - without ANY expectation.  Then commit to what they ask with 100% enthusiasum & integrity.  

Tip # 3 – Don’t expect your university or college education to make you Rich.

 “If Education made you Rich – all teachers would be Millionaires” ~ Robert Kiyosaki

Higher education may get you a job – which may create a high income.  However, it is not how much money you make, it is how much money you manage!  Education is an amazing thing if you a) know what you want to do.  b) if you need the training to do the job. c) If you will love what you are going to do. 

So what can you do??

Take the time to learn while you are working and/or going to school. It can start off as easy as reading books, listening to CD’s or attending courses that are designed to teach you to “Think and Grow Rich”.  

By the way this is the title of  one of the world’s most well known books – by Napolean Hill on the subject of creating wealth. Check out my online bookstore (which connects to Amazon) for some of the books & games that I have used and recommend to grow your mind, and to grow your wealth!

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