What is More Important? Education or Intelligence?

I am a big believer that both Education and Intelligence are equally important, but that neither is relevant without the right mind set!  

Many of us have grown up hearing the mantra of our parents … “Go to school, get a good job (preferably one with a good retirement & benefit plan) so that you will have a good secure future.  My question to that is ~ how is that working out now,  for many, many people? 

They are well educated, had good jobs and are now unemployed and highly stressed out.  In essence – they are “Stuck”, not knowing what to do, or out to get out of the mess.

As to Intelligence, many successful people were told they were stupid and they could not get through the traditional school systems, so obviously they had their own form of Intelligence, just not in the traditional sense.

It really does not matter if you have a genius IQ or you are a Rocket Scientist.. what really matters is your mindset, your attitude and your willingness to take action.   There is a huge difference in knowing how to do something and then actually DOING something.  Without action, it does not matter what you know!

I encourage you to take an ACTION today, and then committing to growing your mind and instituting actions to do so.  You can start by reading,,, even a paragraph a day makes a difference; listen to audios by people who are successful in an area you are interested in, or register and attend a course in any area that will help you to expand how you think. 

I strongly encourage you to check out the link at the side of this page and attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive in a city near you.  Free tickets are available for General Seating, and inexpensive tickets are available with excellent bonuses if you prefer to sit up close and be in the high energy.

No matter what steps you take for action, I would love to hear back from you!

To your success!


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