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8 Steps ~ How to Have More Money & Happiness

Do you ever feel like you are in the movie Groundhog Day?  You know, where life is a daily repeat of grind, never getting out of the circle of circumstance,  Over and Over, every day is a repeat?   Good news – YOU can Change that, and it is relatively easy… 

Here are some tools that I have used to create more money & more happiness in my life that got me out of the GroundHog day mentalilty!

1)  “Make up your mind” that you’re not going to live that way anymore.  SUCCESS, MORE & HAPPINESS ALL START WITH A DECISION

 2) Think about what you DO want … go random .. get a blank piece of paper and put a circle in the centre.  In the circle write the words that identify how you would FEEL in your ideal situation (happy, healthy, relaxed, stable, funny, free etc)

3) Now get radically honest & creative with yourself and start to write around the circle as many ideas as you can that would make you feel alive, happy, fulfilled … try to be somewhat specific .. I want to be in a good relationship, I want children, I want to write a book, I want an extra $25,000 in passive income.  Perhaps living in a cabin in the woods, sailing around the world, spending winters in a warm climate .. whatever they be.  Nothing is too big or too small to write down.  If the idea makes you smile, write it down.

4)  Create a Vision Board – Your mind processes pictures, we are visual by nature.  This process works best when you create it by hand,  You can draw pictures, or cut out pictures from magazines, postcards, etc. that help you visualize everything you wrote on your paper.  You can also use words or phrases that inspire you.   Post this board where you will see it everyday, and in a place where you will see it MANY times a day!  

    If you are embarassed that your friends will see the board (change friends, you need supportive people in your life), or post it in a place where they do not hang out … Your bedroom?

  Images activate your unconscious mind… the more you focus on what you want, the quicker your subconscious mind works and the quicker the reality will happen for you.

5)  Declarations or Mantras also trigger your mind to attract what you want.  Choose power words or phrases that inspire you, but are not false in the moment.  For example “I am at my perfect weight” is not as powerful as “I am working towards my perfect weight”.   Your Mind knows when you are lying… and when you lie to yourself, you negate any postive vibration that would have been to your benefit.  

Some examples are here, borrow or make up your own.  But really feel the desire in your heart when you say them.  “I will find the person I am meant to love”  .. “I am working at my perfect weight” …. “I am getting healthier every day” …. “I will have more money come into my life” …

6)  Become aware of your Little Voice … what little voice you ask?  It’s the one you are hearing in your head as you ask that question.  It’s job is to protect you from danger and failure.  So when  you hear that little voice, acknowledge it with a simple “Thank You for Sharing”, and then move back onto a positive thought!

You will soon start to feel more in control, more empowered and more positive things will become easier.

7)  Celebrate every positive step of the way…   What do I mean by “Celebrate”?   It can be as simple as a quick “Fist in the Air with a verbal YES”, it could be a little “happy dance” or it could be as simple as an “under your breath comment of “I knew I could do it” .. the point is to appreciate each step along with way.  For example, it is your desire to get more fit, and you run the last 20 steps to your office, celebrate the 20 steps … If it is that you thought you would by a chocolate bar, and didn’t, celebrate the decision not to buy!  That being said, the more physical and verbal, the more your brain enjoys the celebration!

Focus on what you’re doing right, and the progress you are making towards your goals. 

8) ? Live with an Attitude of Gratitude

Each night before I go to bed, I consciously think about 10 things that I am proud of accomplishing and/or that I am grateful for that day .. when I first started it was REALLY hard.  I had to use things like “I got out of bed on time”, “I brushed my teeth”, I am grateful for having a bed to sleep in”… because that was all my mind could think of,  Now when I go to bed, my mind is overfilled with all of the things in my world I am appreciative of, from the smallest things like “The bagel this morning was so fresh” to  ”I phoned a friend that I had not spoke to in a while” and bigger things like “I negotiated a win-win-win deal on a real estate purchase”. 

I have taught myself to live with an Attitude of Gratitude and more positive unfolds in my world as time goes on.  I fully believe that the Universe (or God, or Buddah, or whatever belief you hold) is always on target and I just trust that it will all make sense later.  The more I appreciate, the more comes my way.  I stopped asking “How” and learned to trust that whatever I Focus on, will happen, if I just Focus long enough and have total belief that it will happen.

 If you are having trouble with starting, make a list of your recent wins, maybe you were patient with a customer, perhaps you reached out to an old friend, maybe it was your choice to treat yourself to a walk outside at lunch time instead of working through lunch.  Celebrate each of these moments!  Review your list when you mind tries to go back to it’s comfort zone of “Ground Hog Day” mentality and as you do … your self worth will go up and your net worth will rise.

Everything starts with a choice.

Choose wisely … “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t ~ you will be right” ~ Henry Ford

I would love to hear about your experience or ideas and welcome your comments!

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