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Autistic Teen Scores BIG.. 3 Steps to How YOU can do the Same!

   Everyone once in a while I come across a video that makes me smile or laugh, and I take the few minutes to enjoy it and then let it go. 

    This Video was Different … it kept coming back to me via Facebook and emails from friends.  Each time, I felt compelled to view it, and each time it brought me goose bumps and a tear (or two) to my eyes.  

  This morning I realized, that I need to share it forward to others, and with it, the 3 Steps how you can also Score Big in your own Life.  How do I know?   I took the same 3 steps and I LOVE my LIfe .. so I know, that if I can do it, you can too!

Watch the Video now:

The 3 Steps that I took:

1)  Concieve …. I thought about what I wanted to have in my life, I thought about what it would mean to me & to my family.  In short I conceived the idea of what I wanted to Be, Do and Have in my life.   

2)  Believe …. I believed I could do it.  I felt it in my heart.  I KNEW and BELIEVED that if I was to FOCUS on what I wanted, I could achieve what I wanted.  

3)  Achieve ….  I take the steps forward to Achieve my goals ~ sometimes with absolute blind faith, and truly not a clue of “How” .. I simply took the first steps towards what I wanted.  I would go as far as I could see, then I would adjust the plan.  Sometimes this meant asking for help, or learning a new skill or taking another blind leap of faith, knowing that if I believed in what I was doing, it would all work out.   I learned the phrase “Ready, Fire, Aim”… meaning, get out there (Ready), start something & see if it works (Fire) and then adjust (Aim), until I hit my target.

I believe the young autistic hero in this video used the exact same process, perhaps without even being conscious of it!  

1) He knew he wanted to be part of the team, so he joined up in the capacity that was available to him

2) When he was given his opportunity to join the team in a game ~ he was Ready … he believed he could shoot a basket and Fired …. he then re-adjusted his Aim and fired again and again.

3)  Achieved – he was ready to play, he jumped in and played with all his heart.  He fired away his 1st shot or two, then he corrected and Aimed again which led to his momentus success. 

The Success he found was not only for himself (I can’t imagine what a life changing experience that was), but for his Team and quite frankly for the Success of others who have been able to watch this video and feel inspired. 

I hope that you will Start Today, take the steps you feel are right to create your own Success!

Warm thoughts for all that makes you happy,


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Success – Do You Think it Takes More Than Skill?

The following is a Blog that was sent to me by T. Harv Eker – I wanted to share it with you as well as add my opinion – see the end – , I would love to hear your opinion as well

Success Takes More than Skill

October 21st, 2011 by T. Harv Eker

Two hamburger joints open back in ’67 … we’ll call one Bob’s Burger Shack. Great hamburgers! The other shop is McDonalds. The rest is history, yes?

Were Mickey D’s burgers really that much better than Bob’s?

 I mean, really … how hard is it to get a burger right? Even Ray Croc himself admitted this to eager business school students he lectured in his lifetime. He’d ask them, ‘How many people in here can make a better hamburger than McDonalds?’ Everyone would raise their hand because everybody’s made a tasty burger before, at least tasty by their own standards. But then he’d ask, ‘How many people make more money than McDonalds?’ Naturally, all hands dropped.

 It’s a simple yet eloquent demonstration that it doesn’t matter whether you have a better idea, a better product, or a better service. In business, the only thing that matters is getting that product, idea, or service out to as many people as possible, and/or at as much profit as possible.

It’s the learning curve of the entrepreneur—amassing the skills necessary to take what you have to offer to a mass audience profitably, Read the rest of this entry »

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